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Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Google provides Hotel Search

Google provides Hotel Search, Google recently launched Hotel Finder, an experimental search tool that lets users find the best hotel for their trip.

Google provides Hotel Search, In this search engine, users simply enter the location, date, price and rating details. Furthermore, Hotel Finder presents the top recommendations in the list on the Google Map. But for now, this new service is available in the United States.

Here are some of the features and how Google found a hotel in detail to help those who are traveling:

- Finding a location complete. If you are not local residents will certainly be difficult to find the city a place to stay. Hotel Finder highlighting popular area in the search results folder. Google calls 'the tourist spotlight' and this will determine the optimal zone for your stay.

- Getting the right price. Users can select a price range and compare prices with other hotels. Excerpted from Mashable, Monday, August 1, 2011, click on the icon will display the rental price of hotel rooms per night and price comparison with other hotels.

- Compare hotel. Hotel Finder simplify comparison shopping. When the user clicks on hotels, Hotel Finder will display a pop-up contains detailed information, including photos, reviews of Google Places, prices and other information.

- Create a shortlist. Users can build a shortlist hotel they like to compare later before it was decided to choose from. These search results are marked with a red dot on Google Maps and will appear in the top row on the shortlist page.

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