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Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

Photo of Cathay Pacific flight attendants and pilots on the plane, Stewardess and Pilot scandal Cathay Pacific, Cathay Pacific Airlines held a photo-related investigation that showed a flight attendant do the 'oral' to the pilot when the plane was flying.

Photo of Cathay Pacific flight attendants and pilots on the plane, Some images were not worth the censored pixels, the local Chinese-language media is loaded. There is a woman wearing a red dress, like Cathay cabin crew uniform. The man, referred to the media as Cathay pilots.

"We carry out full investigation on this issue. There are indications, women in the photo was probably our crew, "said Cathay Pacific spokeswoman, told the Straits Times.

So far, the spokesman said it is still not obtain meaningful information. He also did not mention who the man in the photograph. The man's clothing is also not uniform Cathay pilots, but a gray T-shirt.

"There is no evidence whether the action was done while the plane was airborne. So, there is no reason to believe there has been a breach of security, "he continued.

While Cathay spokeswoman said the newspaper South China Morning Post, one of the photos look like taken in the cockpit. "But it could not be determined whether the aircraft is flying or not," he concluded.

According to the Chinese-language newspaper, Apple Daily, the man in the photograph is the pilot of a foreign nationality. He has sent a letter formally to the South China Morning Post and claimed the photo was stolen from his computer.

Unnamed man has also been reported to the authorities. Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong's top airline that has 13 thousand staff worldwide. Including the 8000 cabin crew and 4,000 working in airports.

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