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Rabu, 14 September 2011

Immobilizer Motor Saver Package burglar

Immobilizer Motor Saver Package burglar, Immobilizer technology there is now a thrifty package version, made ​​Dysha Motorsport (DM) which is claimed as effective silencing the hands of jail time in the parking lot. The device is in charge of making paralyzed and unable to turn on or run.

Immobilizer Motor Saver Package burglar, While the alarm function to warn or alert the system when the motor is not getting caught are treated according to the procedure as turned on by force (not through the ignition of children).

Two of these safety systems can be installed all wear motorcycle battery. Simple modules for a cigarette box is easily installed and efficient place, so easily hidden. In addition, this bike does not suck immobilizer stun so that the battery will not come up short. The system relies on touch sensor works.
Eight wires coming out of the box modules to stay connected to some innate motor wiring. The way it works is simple. Two black and blue wires lead to a touch sensor and the grounded (negative) which is used as activating the immobilizer.

So, if the media is connected to touch sensors and ground cable (negative) is not touched (skin) hand, the motor can not start. Conversely, if the living conditions of the machine, touch sensors media was once again touched with the fingertips, the machine will die in seconds.

If at any time deprived of their lives touch sensor motor before the motor gave up because after a few dozen meters of the motor will be paralyzed.

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