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Kamis, 15 September 2011

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney presidential candidate the United States (U.S.) from the Republican Party, Two presidential candidates (Candidates) United States (U.S.) of the Republican Party, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney clashing ideas and the idea of ​​creation of jobs in the country in the 2012 presidential candidates debate on Wednesday 7 September 2011 which took place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library become an icon of the Republic.

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney presidential candidate the United States (U.S.) from the Republican Party, Perry is Governor of the State of Texas and a new face in the U.S. Presidential nomination from the Republican camp just spend a little time to attack rivals, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney.

In a recent poll, Perry managed to get rid of Romney into second place since he entered the presidential candidates Republilk stock for about a month ago.

Romney's conservative positions mempertanyankan Perry as Perry's conviction that the social security program for the elderly was a Ponzi scheme that failed.

Second debate revolves around who's better in the economic record. This is a major issue in the campaigns of candidates amid rising unemployment in the land of Uncle Sam's already reached 9.1 percent.

Romney accused as one of the worst leaders in terms of job creation in the history of Massachusetts. For Romney to campaign to the American people that he can overcome the problems the U.S. economy is far better than President Barack Obama will go forward again as the Democratic presidential candidate in U.S. presidential elections of 2012.

"The proof only, we are creating many jobs in the last three months in Texas. It's much more than bai he made in Massachusetts for four years," said Perry attacking Romney.

"In a minute," interrupted Romney when moderator Brian Williams of NBC News wanted to ask another question. "Governor Perry is not sure that he creates things like that. If he tries to say things like that, meaning he was the same as Al Gore who said that he succeeded in creating the Internet. The fact is there are many differences between states. When I entered (the governor), there is a real problem there. But I am proud of what we can do to control the situation, "said Romney further

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