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Rabu, 14 September 2011

Role of Information Technology Services Institute of Amil Zakat, Advances in technology created in human history, even now the world seems without limit, so that information about events in various parts of the world can we access from the den or bedroom we. Like two sides of a coin can increase the degree of technological progress various aspect made ​​him slumped on the other side.

Role of Information Technology Services Institute of Amil Zakat, Boom of innovation in the field of electronics and communications make the world gets smaller due to the transfer of information can be done more quickly and efficiently. For example, now any information we want can be searched through internet sites, so it does not have far to look for data that we usually found in the library. Not only is technology changing the lifestyle of our society, ranging from cellular phones, wireless to send emails and surf the Web, exchanging photos using the 3G facilities, and so on.

If we talk about information technology in the field of processing of Zakat is basically a process of transfer, storage, processing data that can be quickly connected entry network of offices across the charity. So if the donor / customer can make zakat payments in any city it is located.

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